Agent Program

We partner with over 70 of the best telecom providers.  Our Agent Program makes it easy for you to focus on relationship building and selling! We are your “back office”.   You provide the customer request and we will search our vast array of carriers for the best prices.   We provide the pricing and paperwork.  Upon submitting the order, we keep you, our Agent, informed as the order progresses.


Once the order is installed and completed, we receive our compensation from the carrier / provider.   Your commission will be mailed by our accounting firm on the last day of the month.    The majority of our providers pay “evergreen residual” commissions.   Only a few pay one time commissions. 



  • Full service quote assistance – Configure, Price, Quote
  • No direct competition – We do not market against our agents
  • Once you secure a customer, it remains your customer
  • Evergreen Commissions – The rewards keep coming
  • Carrier incentive and bonus programs



Turner has become a trusted advisor of hundreds of clients in Western Kentucky and nationally while maintaining established relationships with most major carriers.   We offer bill analysis of telecom invoices, contract negotiations and become the customers advocate for all telecom consumer interests.




We have agents who are interconnects.    They market their own brands of hardware.   We can assist getting you or your customers headed in the right direction for all hardware needs. 


If you are interested in becoming an agent, click on the “Contact Us” page to send your name, phone number and email and we will contact you to get started.